Transport hazardous goods

Expert Transportation of Hazardous Goods by PeterBill

At PeterBill, we specialize in the safe and efficient transportation of hazardous goods, offering a comprehensive range of services to ensure compliance, safety, and reliability in every delivery.

SQAS Accreditation

PeterBill is proud to be SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment for Sustainability) accredited. This accreditation demonstrates our commitment to meeting rigorous standards for safety, quality, and environmental performance in the transportation of hazardous materials. With SQAS accreditation, our clients can trust in our adherence to industry best practices and regulatory requirements.

SHEQ Investigation and Reporting

Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality (SHEQ) are paramount in our operations. We conduct thorough investigation and reporting processes to identify and mitigate potential risks associated with the handling and transportation of hazardous goods. Our proactive approach ensures compliance with safety standards and minimizes environmental impact.

Handling and Distribution of Hazardous Goods

Our experienced team is trained and equipped to handle a wide range of hazardous materials, including chemicals, flammable substances, and toxic agents. From packaging and labeling to secure transportation, we prioritize safety at every step of the supply chain.

Cross-Border Clearance

PeterBill specializes in cross-border transportation of hazardous goods, offering efficient clearance services for seamless international logistics. Our expertise in customs procedures and regulatory compliance ensures smooth transit across borders, minimizing delays and ensuring timely deliveries.

EC Logistics Trained Drivers

Our drivers undergo specialized training in EC (European Community) logistics, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to safely transport hazardous goods across diverse terrains and conditions. With a focus on safety protocols and risk management, our drivers uphold the highest standards of professionalism and safety on the road.

At PeterBill, we prioritize safety, compliance, and efficiency in transporting hazardous goods. Whether it's local or international transportation, our dedicated team is committed to delivering your goods securely and responsibly.

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